Strip And Play


Miss Ashdown finished unzipping Jessica’s skirt and, sliding her hands between the fabric and Jessica’s hips, she pushed downwards and Jessica saw the skirt fall to the floor and pool around her feet. Miss Ashdown knelt down and put a hand around first one ankle and then the other to lift it to move the skirt out of the way. She tossed it to one side with Jessica’s shoes and socks.

The teacher stood up and put her hands around Jessica’s waist again to manoeuvre her to the piano stool. Jessica felt somewhat odd, standing with her bare legs and feet, but Miss Ashdown continued as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

She moved to the opposite side of the piano stool. “Okay, first your right leg.” Jessica swung her foot up onto the stool. “It needs to be straight,” Miss Ashdown said, and again Jessica nearly jumped as she felt hands around her foot as her teacher pulled her heel deeper onto the stool.

“Now, as I did, from standing, hands on your thigh.” Jessica put her hands on her bare thigh. “And then slide downwards slowly.” Jessica did as she was instructed, and was surprised at being able to reach her ankles, albeit not her feet as Miss Ashdown had done.

“That’s good! Considering,” Miss Ashdown said, still holding Jessica’s foot in both hands.

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