Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 23rd June 2020


I had lunch with Jo today in her mentoring role. The tricky thing is that I can’t tell her everything that I want to tell her: about where the Belarusian company came from, about how difficult it was to talk to Tim sometimes because now he’d seen me naked, about how I was worried about photos of me nude, bound and spread-eagled were all over the Internet… Now I write it down, I really have got a lot going on.

We did talk about work, though, and as soon as we have some work done for the Belarusians they say it’s okay to do a press release, which is good news for the company and good news for my profile within it.

I wanted to ask Jo about how she was but she said she’d have to tell me another time so we sort of said we’d do something one evening. I’m not sure how serious she was but I’m going to make sure it happens.

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