Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 22nd June 2020


I’m pretty much forced to wear a dress to work on Mondays now, because Mel will only let me wear one thing as far as her building entrance. But I did get a couple of compliments about how nice and summery I looked! And it is starting warm up again but still not exactly hot so it felt a bit cool on the way to work this morning.

I wasn’t quite as edgy getting to Mel’s as last week, and I decided that it was better just to get the whole routine of stashing my dress into Mel’s mailbox and taking the naked elevator ride to the fifth floor out of the way as quickly as possible. I didn’t meet anyone on the way there, despite the long wait outside Mel’s door, and it’s quite a buzz to be standing there nude and on my own and with no clothes anywhere nearby. It just seems like it could also go so badly wrong.

And Mel had some work for me to do too, which of course entailed my wrists and ankles being tied together and making me work through a pile of receipts and emails with only limited movement. I was half-hoping for a repeat of the previous week’s performance but apart from when I was being tied and untied she barely touched me and we spoke very little.

It almost felt like normality to be sitting and working nude. I really am wondering what’s becoming of my life.

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