Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 11th May 2020


I’m busy at work again, prepping for the new client, and then had to head to Mel’s at the last minute.

I still wonder if Mel’s upset about the Ana thing and me not telling her, because this week there were no chains, no rope, no yoke, and I just sat at her desk, albeit nude, working through three weeks of accounts. There wasn’t a lot to do to be honest and after forty minutes I said I was all caught up, and that maybe all she really needed for most of the year was an hour a month and I wasn’t sure I could pay her actual money for life coaching. (I wasn’t sure I wanted to.)

She asked if I still wanted to carry on with it, and I said yes, but I wonder now if I could have gotten out of it, because I’m not sure I need it so much now. That could have been my chance to move on, although I’m really not sure if I’m ready to.

Mel said in that case she would just bank the extra time for now and let me know when she needed me, but that it could be anything I was asked to do, not necessarily accounting. Now I wonder if I’ve made a bargain I might regret.

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