Just One Button


She dropped my hands and they fell by my sides. I felt incredibly exposed, dressed only in my new denim shorts, but I resisted the urge to cover myself again. I took a deep breath.

“Oh,” Cassandra said, looking at my brand new shorts, “Now just to roughen your edges a little…” She reached towards my waist and, for some reason, I didn’t even move as she unbuttoned my denim shorts. They were propped over my hips so they weren’t about to fall down by themselves, and the zip held them closed, but with that small change I felt so much sexier, just for having that button hanging open. How could a nineteen year old know more about this kind of thing than me?

“You were about to?…” Cassandra prompted, distracting me from the protestation I was about to make.

“I, uh, I was just taking these ice teas outside,” I said. She smiled and nodded, and then turned to help Sue at the counter.

I picked up the two glasses and walked, as if in a dream, towards the door of the café. Heads lifted as I passed and I felt them staring at me, but the attention was remarkably short-lived. Most of the people here were regulars who could look at the bare breasts of Cassandra and Sue any time they liked, so one more topless woman wasn’t going to shock them.

Read the rest of the story, and 11 other ENF stories, in Naked Women in Shorts

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