Bra Or Bikini?


Five minutes passed like this and then, without saying a word, I unfastened the remaining blouse buttons and leant back with my hands behind my head. The flaps of the blouse trailed free of my waist and I saw Tony moisten his lips with his tongue. I pretended I was oblivious to what I was doing to him. In truth, the combination of the afternoon sun and the cooling air on my bare stomach was exhilarating in itself.

Another few minutes passed and I leant forwards and, with the wind helping me, slid the blouse down my arms, pulled it out from behind my back and tossed it onto the seat behind me. Tony smiled, but still said nothing. The roads we took were quiet, with barely a car passing us in the opposite direction. And at speed my bra might just pass for a bikini top if anyone saw it, although the sheer material might not stand up to close inspection.

I reached down to my side and unfastened the single button holding my skirt and unfolded it from over my legs. With a quick lift of my buttocks I pulled it out from beneath me and tossed it behind me to join the blouse and I sat there, casually, in my underwear. Tony’s smile widened to a grin and I saw his eyes flick between the road and my white panties. I knew days like this always ended in sex and I dressed to excite. Our relationship had been a very physical one, while it lasted.

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