Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 12th April 2020


Well, I’m not sure it was better than going to Mel’s, and I’m sure it wasn’t better than meeting up with Mark, but last night was still fun.

Alison and Russ were both nicely dressed, and I was naked in (short) heels. Poor Russ didn’t know where to look so I had to give him a kiss on the cheek. Now he knows what it feels like to be confronted with a nude body at the door!

The food went down well, and Russell actually spoke for a change. He’s a computer programmer and I think he’s got a pretty good job, and Alison works in marketing for a pharmaceutical company.

After dinner we went to the sitting area and I sat next to Alison and Russ sat opposite, and it was an amazing contrast, because Alison was in boots and a skirt over her knee and a long sleeved top, and basically only her hands and face were visible, and I was obviously in nothing at all.

She ended up talking more about some of their nude holidays again and how much I’d like them, and maybe next time they booked one I could come. I said I wasn’t sure, being a spare part, but she thought it would be fine because they’re not at all coupley when they’re together. That is true, which is odd since Russ ends up naked a lot, but you don’t really feel like a spare part in a relationship then. If anything it feels like Russ is the spare part. (And he’s got a reasonably sized spare part, if you catch my drift. When it’s not soft, obviously.)

If was funny when Russ went to the loo and I could tell he had a hard-on, because he had trouble standing up. I thought if he’s gone for more than a few minutes then maybe he’s knocking one out, but he was back too quickly for that, and within a few minutes I could see the lump in his trousers was back again.

Then you should have seen his eyes when Alison said something to me and put her hand on my arm. It was like we were about to have lesbian sex or something, and it was only the lightest touch. But it even made me think that maybe I would do it with both of them, if the mood seemed right.

It was nearly midnight when Alison said they would get back, and by that time I think Russ had had a five hour hard-on and was walking like he’d just finished a marathon. On the way out of the door Alison said it had been really nice, and again how it was nice to meet someone so open. She said we’d have to do morning coffee at her place soon, and she didn’t mind at all if I didn’t want to wear anything then either. I should be as relaxed in her home as I was in my own.

I was left to wonder whether that would mean both me and Russ would be nude. It might be fun, and so far it doesn’t seem like they have any mind to take things further either.

Life is complicated but it’s somehow working out at the moment.

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