Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 11th April 2020


Russ and Alison are coming over in a couple of hours so I’m not sure if I’ll write more tonight, but I’ve made two decisions:

  1. I’m making a sort of stew with couscous. It shouldn’t be that hard and I don’t know how much they eat. And I’ve found how to make little falafels and got some pickles to nibble on to start
  2. I’m doing the whole thing nude. I presume Russ won’t turn up nude, because he won’t be able to make it across the street. And it’s my home so I can dress how I want. (Or as I don’t want, as the case may be.)

Although I’m undecided about how to react if things look like they’re heading for a threesome. Alison’s pretty but I don’t fancy her, and Russ is okay but I don’t fancy him either. But on the other hand I am gagging for it. Depending on how I feel later I’ll decide whether to where heels (which means maybe up for it) or bare feet (not up for it much but may change my mind).

At the run this morning Mel asked me what I was doing this evening as she had some friends coming over. So that’s another thing I could have been doing! Sometimes I have nothing to do and others I can’t move for offers.

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