Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 13th October


We had a lot of fun last night, and finally I managed to get Ellie to be a little bit naughty.

We met up for a drink and somehow I just straight away felt like talking about this kink we both seem to share. Actually, I wanted to know if she really did share it, and the best way to find out was to be as direct as possible and ask. I told her I didn’t even realise it was a thing with a name, but I always got a buzz from being naked or half-naked around clothed people. She said she did the same, and it wasn’t like she suddenly wanted to have sex with everyone, but it was a mixture of freedom and titillation.

The problem, of course, was that telling most other people this is really hard. We’re all so used to everyone being clothed that someone who doesn’t want to be is seen as a bit weird. Or there’s the problem of being nude around heterosexual guys who think you’re doing it because you want them to come on to you.

So we talked about that, and Ellie started asking me about how I managed to get to the point of being nude around Ha and Lily and some others. I had to think back, but actually a lot of it was down to Kieran dropping me in it, and Ha wanting to encourage me. So I guess I was lucky. Ellie said she wished she knew someone that would be open and encouraging, and I had to tell her that I was going to take it upon myself to be that person.

Things were getting a bit steamy by then and after another drink we went to a pizza place around the corner. We were both wearing short dresses and I felt bold enough to ask Ellie if she had anything else on (at all) underneath. She blushed and said she didn’t, and I said “good”, because neither did I, and as far as I was concerned that was the best way to be.

I jokingly asked what she thought might happen if we took our dresses off right now: either we’d be thrown out, or we’d get our dinner for free. She laughed and looked at the Italian guy who owned the place and said she didn’t think we’d be thrown out, but some of the other customers might be a bit too shocked. She was probably right: damn those other people.

Anyway, we just sat around and chatted, and were almost ready to pay and leave, and I looked around and the place was empty except for us and the owner. I said to Ellie: “Everyone else has gone, so maybe now we can find out if we’ll be thrown out or get a free meal.”

She knew what I meant and her face went red and she looked at the owner. He was cleaning glasses behind the bar with half an eye out for when we would ask for the bill so he could close up.

Ellie said: “Would you actually do it?” and I said, “I might, but I think you owe me a dare.”

Her eyes were as wide as saucers and I could see her mind racing. She said something about couldn’t I think of something easier, and I felt like she might actually do it. So I told her that, actually, it was too easy, and her dare was I’d ask him to take a photo of us together and at the last minute you’d pull your dress over your head.

She was in fits of giggles and before she could even think about it I called the guy over and asked him if he could take a photo. I gave him my phone and pulled my chair closer to Ellie’s and he was lining up the shot and I said to Ellie that if she didn’t go through with this then I’d think of something much harder.

It was like I’d pressed a button, as she leant forwards, grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head and suddenly was sitting naked in the wooden chair.

The Italian guy was staring, as you might expect, but he seemed to be taking it pretty well. He said something like “So this is how you want the photo?” and I nodded, and he lined it up and I moved a bit closer to Ellie.

He took one, and I told him one more, but standing up, because Ellie was sitting with her legs crossed which I thought was cheating. If she stood up she couldn’t hide, and I put my arm around her shoulder, and felt hers around my waist, and he took the photos.

I have to tell you: they look amazing. It was over so quickly and it was such a buzz. Then he said he was hoping we were going to leave soon, but given that this was the best treat he’d had for years he’d bring us a free drink.

Ellie was buzzing too, and she sat down on her chair and bundled her dress up in her hands but didn’t put it back on. I was starting to feel jealous, because not only was she the naked one, but she looked so good. She’s thinner than me, a bit shorter, but somehow still has boobs. I guess I should be jealous, but I was feeling good about enticing her out of her shell.

The owner brought over a couple of limoncellos and muttered something in Italian and went back to the kitchen, and then as I sat grinning at Ellie another older woman came out and said her husband had told her there was a naked woman in his restaurant and she had to see it for herself. She seemed to find it quite amusing, and reckoned she was likely to get some attention in the bedroom for the first time in ages judging by the colour in her husband’s cheeks!

It seemed a shame for Ellie to put the dress back on when we had to pay, and the owner said he hoped we’d be back. It might depend on whether Ellie could hide her embarrassment if she came in again.

It also seemed a shame that after that we went our separate ways, after a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, but it seemed like we’d already had a perfect evening and pushing Ellie even more wouldn’t have made it better.

Anyway, after all that the rest of today has been taken up with chores. But I got a message from Ellie reminding me that I was due to do the next dare. I’m kind of dreading it already…

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