Stockings And Devotion


She walked to the chapel and knelt in place for afternoon prayer. As she bent at the knees she paid special attention to keep her habit covering the backs of her heels lest the fabric of her sheer nylon stockings became exposed. Still, the prayer session passed without incident and, if anything, Sarah felt that consciousness of her predicament only enhanced her concentration. If it was possible to pray harder than usual, then she did so: for herself, for Sister Theresa and her error of judgement, and for the Reverend Mother, to ask for forgiveness for the way she had punished Theresa.

Following prayer Sarah set herself about her newly assigned role. She found the watering cans and diligently watered each of the flower beds and all of the pots. She saw Theresa walking around the courtyard, but, after what she had witnessed from her that morning, she felt too ashamed on Theresa’s behalf to approach her and ask about her full set of duties. Watering would be enough for today, and tomorrow she would find out what else her new job might entail. The plants weren’t going to die overnight.

As Sarah sat and ate dinner with the other nuns she felt a growing sense of confidence inside of her. Firstly, she now had a place in the convent, a purpose, even if it was the simplest of tasks. But secondly, she had a secret that none of them knew: that beneath her habit was a sexy, young woman in black lingerie and stockings; a woman who would be the object of desire of any man alive. The article had told her so. She smiled to herself.

Read the rest of the story in The Rules of the Convent

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