Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 24th August 2020


Mel didn’t have anything special planned for me today and there were no unexpected encounters on the naked ride up to her apartment. It’s been a while and I’d forgotten how strange it feels to be tied up and naked, let alone trying to work whilst doing it. She had a few weeks worth of accounts to do. And yet again I noticed that she had seen Tim for a session. That seems more than a little bit weird to me, but I daren’t ask her about it Also, it seems kind of unethical, from an accountancy professional point of view.

Mel asked me if I was doing anything Saturday night and I said not yet, but I wonder if I should have pretended I was busy. She didn’t tell me what she had planned but that I should keep the evening free.

At least at work I’ve done most of my contribution to the new client work. It’s another Belarusian company too, although I haven’t met them yet and I wonder if it’s someone I met or someone connected to the first firm.

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