Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 23nd August 2020


I had a message from ENFBoyfriend (Tim) today. It’s funny that he still uses that forum message feature, given that he could just email me now, but I think it helps us both pretend that there’s some separation between me and work and me not at work (and naked). Anyway, it seems that my nude run with Mel was captured on camera! Or at least some of it. He says it’s hard to work out it’s me, but I think anyone who knows me will spot it straight away. Mel’s going to get me into some real trouble sometime soon because without her there’d be no pictures or videos of me anywhere on the Internet.

Anyway, apart from that I spent today reading up on international corporate accounting again. Such a glamorous life! Even doing it naked can’t make it exciting (but I have to admit I do find it interesting).

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