Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 17th August 2020


The last day of my holiday will have to wait until tomorrow, because Mel happened to me today.

I got to her place as usual and pressed the buzzer and she told me to put my clothes, and even my shoes, into her mailbox and she’d come down to meet me. I thought since it was warm and humid that we’d sit outside again. When Mel came out of the lift she told me to give her the mailbox key, as she had before, and then she handed me a pair of running shoes. I asked what they were for, but I knew already: I’d missed the run on Saturday morning and I hadn’t told her.

I tried to explain that I was with Elise and she said she didn’t care but I had to tell her, and since I’d missed it then I had to do it now. I said I couldn’t go to the park like this because it was a mile away, and I should at least be able to wear something for the walk there. She said that she was going out for a run and I was coming with her, and she’d make sure I could keep up, and if I kept moving fast enough maybe nobody would see me. I said that was ridiculous and I wasn’t going, and she said that was fine, but she was going, and she didn’t know when she’d be back so I’d either have to wait here or walk home naked.

I really didn’t like any of my options and grumbled my way through putting the running shoes on, and then I followed Mel out on to the street.

There were cars. There were a few people. I said to Mel that we had better run so I could get away from the stares, but she said we had to walk for a few minutes to warm up.

So that’s what we did. It was still early and very light, and I heard cars beep their horns, and one guy almost crashed his bike staring at me, and people stared from their windows if they noticed me pass. And then Mel said we’d walked enough and at least as we started to run they couldn’t stare at me for as long.

Mel was running very slowly for her and started asking me about the holiday, but I didn’t have enough breath to answer her. Plus it was really humid and if you think a naked woman running through the streets is a sexy and arousing sight to behold then think again, because I was all wobbling and sweat.

I have no idea how long we ran for or where we went and it was a surprise when we ended up back at Mel’s. I was both getting used to being naked and out on the street and also relieved to be back. Mel asked me if I wanted to come up for a shower but I was too annoyed with her and came straight home.

I’m not sure that I actually hated doing it that much, but I resent that she made me.

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