Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 16th August 2020


Back to the holiday.

So: Sunday morning, and I still hadn’t worn any real clothes all weekend, because just a coat (at the top of a mountain) or boots and gloves (on a horse) don’t count. We had a leisurely morning in the cottage and then went out for a walk and they’d sprung a surprise on me as we came to a small clearing and there was a car parked up and one of Veronika’s staff was there with a picnic set up, including a table and chairs, and some wine! He was a fairly old guy who grinned a lot at seeing a naked girl coming towards him, and by now I’d just about learned how to say “hello” in Polish.

But not long after we arrived he drove off in the car and Ana said he’d be back in a couple of hours to pick everything up, and we ended up lounging around in the grass and, well, one thing led to another and time flew by Ana was about to have her third orgasm when we heard the car coming back, so she had to hastily straighten her clothes out, because her and Mark had stayed mostly dressed (on and off), and we pretended as if we were deep in conversation. But even Ana blushed at that.

It was maybe ninety minutes to walk back, and then we showered, and I asked Ana what I should wear to dinner at the main house and she smiled and said Veronika would be disappointed if she let me wear anything at all.

That didn’t mean I couldn’t get ready, so I had nice shoes and makeup and jewellery that Ana shared with me. I hadn’t really expected it to feel so sexy to be wearing just a necklace across my chest but it really drew attention to my breasts and Mark couldn’t stop staring, despite the fact that he’s seen them all the time for the past few days.

What I wasn’t expecting was that Veronika had some other friends over too! They were all dressed for an evening dinner, and there were eight of us sat around a big table as waiters brought us food and wine. Sometimes they spoke in Polish but everyone also spoke enough English for me to have a conversation with and, of course, they started asking if I was a perpetual nudist. I said I was whenever I could be, which is close to the truth. It was really nice to feel comfortable talking about it, though, and I guess because they were all a bit older it wasn’t at all threatening to be with so many strangers.

One of the older guys suggested to his wife that maybe she could strip off too but she said she thought the time when anyone wanted to see her body had long passed. I said I wouldn’t mind if she wanted to, and her husband seemed keen, but she still wasn’t up for it. She tried to deflect attention by suggesting Ana did instead, and Mark did his best to goad her, but Ana said Mark had his hands full with the pair of us already and she didn’t think he could take it if we were both naked all the time. Mark said he wouldn’t mind giving it a try, and I could see the others wondering exactly what was going on. Funny that they were okay with me being nude but thought it a bit odd if we were in some kind of three-way relationship!

When we got back to the cottage we had one thing to decide: who was going to sleep with who? I actually didn’t mind being alone and said that since the two of them had arranged this whole trip they should spend the last night together. They didn’t object.

So that was the last night, but we still had some of the next day to finish off the holiday.

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