Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 26th July 2020


It definitely was not a normal dinner.

Linda was naked when she opened the door, which didn’t surprise me, and Tim was inside looking slightly sheepish because he knew I was doing this reluctantly. As I walked in Linda said “Mel texted just now and said hi”, and I’m sure that was to remind me that I was under instruction. Then she told me I could go and get undressed in Tim’s room and he’d show me the way.

I followed him to his room and he opened the door and then left me to it. I think I took an age and never before have I been so reluctant to get undressed.

I found my way to the kitchen and that was when I met Gary. He was a big guy with muscles and tattoos and the look he gave me when I walked in naked told me all I needed to know about his relationship with Linda.

She was wearing an apron and cooking, so I was the only one entirely naked for a while, and said that Gary was helping but Tim and I should go into the other room and they’d be through soon.

Tim found me some wine and we sat across the room from each other, me on the sofa and Tim in an armchair, and somehow he struggled through some small talk.

Dinner was actually okay and I relaxed a bit. Gary was a fitness instructor at a gym, which I guess goes with the look, and that was where he met Linda when she started to come for sessions. He said it all happened really suddenly when she suddenly stripped out of her kit mid-session, climbed on top of him and they had sex on a bench press. I imagined that at that time Tim still thought they were in a relationship.

Then Gary said he found it strange at first that he’d come around here and Linda would be naked, even though Tim was “just her flatmate”, but that he’d gotten used to it over time. He said he didn’t know how Tim could resist a beautiful woman walking around nude all the time, which I knew was a dig at Tim’s masculinity. I felt sorry for him, because Gary was just so much of a bloke, but also so not interesting, despite his physique.

Things got weird after dinner when we went to the front room and Linda insisted on Gary giving her a foot massage with Tim and I watching. Because, of course, it wasn’t just a regular foot massage, not when hands sometimes drift a lot higher up the legs than the ankles, or even the knees, and not when there’s the occasional kiss on the leg to go with it, and not when the foot that isn’t being massaged is planted right in Gary’s groin and is massaging right back.

Then Linda offered Gary’s services to me, which I declined, and she smirked and said I needn’t worry because he was fully trained and he did sports massages all the time. Gary said he could see that I needed one, and not just my feet, which I took to mean he thought I needed more than just a massage.

I got the feeling the whole time that there was a lot more on offer than a foot massage, and it wasn’t until nearly eleven that Tim managed to successfully suggest that he walked me home and I went and got dressed at last.

We chatted on the way back and he said sorry, but he hoped it wasn’t too bad, and it was just Gary that was annoying. I couldn’t disagree with that but I did wonder how he puts up with Linda being like that around him all the time. Naked is one thing but it’s like she’s on the verge of having sex with Gary at any moment and who cares who’s watching.

Well, that’s over with now at least.

Holding Hands


Photo by: Sacha Leyendecker (sacha-leyendecker)

Georgia twisted herself around to face Lisa. Lisa sighed as Georgia’s skirt rubbed against her bare thigh.

“So, this dream,” Georgia started. Lis turned coy again. “You were naked.”

“I was wearing socks,” Lisa corrected. Georgia looked down at Lisa’s feet and smiled.

“And that was enough to make you cum?” Lisa blushed.

“No,” she said, and squirmed a little in the seat, “We were sitting in a bar.”

Nhu looked over at Georgia: this was one hot story, and she’d never have imagined she’d be hearing it from Lisa.

“And, for some reason, I was holding hands with you two,” Lisa continued.

Georgia took Lisa’s right hand in her left. “Like this?” she said, with a smile. Nhu held Lisa’s left hand. Even to her delicate touch it felt soft and tender.

“Yes…” Lisa said nervously. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It was just like in her dream, with her hands being held on either side of her.

“Then what?” Nhu prompted. She had to hear the rest of this.

Lisa trembled. “You said,” she paused, “You said to Judy: ‘Does she like having her breasts touched’.”

Nhu grinned and turned to Judy. “Well, does she?” she asked her.

Judy nodded. “Very much so.”

Nhu reached her left hand over her and placed it on Lisa’s bare breast. The nipple pressed into her palm. Lisa gasped and panted a few times. Georgia’s hand pressed onto her other breast. It was wonderfully soft and cool.

“And this fantasy,” Georgia said, “Of you naked in the bar, when we touched your breasts, you came?”

Lisa had her eyes closed and shook her head.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 25th July 2020


I made the park run this morning. Mel asked me if I was looking forward to dinner with Linda and Tim and Linda’s boyfriend later and I said kind of, which is a lie but I think if she knows I don’t want to go she might try to set me up with more of them.

I’m still hoping it won’t turn out too bad. I’m going to turn up in jeans and a t-shirt and hopefully it’ll just be a normal dinner and I can leave early.

Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 24th July 2020


I needed a quiet night in so I snuck home before anyone could try and drag me out for a drink. I did some extra work this evening as there have been a few enquiries off the back of our company press release, and it seems like I’m the only one who’s been reading about international tax accounting lately. It’s good to feel needed at least.

Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 23rd July 2020



I was nervous all day about talking to Tim, and I didn’t do at all well at hiding it. We went to a local pub after work and I tried to engage in chit-chat on the way but it didn’t work. So I just had to tell him over a drink that I was finding it difficult to separate work and outside life. And Tim was so nice it was unbelievable, and I felt so bad I can’t even describe.

He said he could tell I was having trouble and that he’d started looking for another job! I had to tell him that no way should he do that just because of me, and he said he didn’t want to but he didn’t want me to be uncomfortable. So I said don’t think about that, I’ll get over it, and I actually felt better because he was prepared to go so out of his way to respect my feelings, when all of this was my fault.

I asked him a bit about Linda, because I wanted to see if I could get out of Saturday. He told me about how they used to go out but sometimes she’d invite other male friends over and flirt, all the time naked, and he said he couldn’t handle it, until one day she just seemed to be going out with some new guy Gary (who I’ll meet) and they hadn’t even officially split up. He said they’ve never even really talked about it.

The bad news is that Mel has told Linda to report back on the whole thing, and not to let me out of it, to make sure I didn’t wear a stitch of clothing… he seemed embarrassed about saying that. But then he said not to worry that he thinks it’s a double-date or something because he’s started seeing someone, but he hasn’t told Linda because he doesn’t want her nosing into it. So as far as he was concerned it was just dinner with a friend and he wouldn’t do anything to make me feel awkward. I didn’t say that I already felt awkward.

But by the time I got home I felt a lot better about things, but I also felt distinctly like Tim has a lot better handle on all of this than I do.

Leaving It All


Lucia suddenly tensed and Helena realised she had gone too far too quickly. Pareia gently blew onto the bare skin of the slender redhead and Lucia was carried back under the spell. Her head fell back and she rubbed her neck with her delicate fingers. If it weren’t for their magic, Helena thought, every head in the bar would be watching Lucia now.

“One thing at a time,” Pareia said gently, both to Helena and to Lucia. She ran her finger along Lucia’s slender collarbone and was rewarded by a wriggle of the shoulders.

Then the finger slid down Lucia’s chest, over the soft flesh of her breast, and then stroked the thick red lace that covered her nipples. Lucia trembled in her seat.

“No more hiding,” Pareia whispered to Lucia.

“No more hiding,” Lucia replied out loud, and she put her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra. With a smooth, rapid motion she shrugged it off of her shoulders and dropped it onto her jeans.

“She has a beautiful figure,” Helena said, and Pareia nodded in agreement.

“This is like a dream,” Lucia said quietly to herself, and Helena felt herself overwhelmed by the images of fantasies and dreams that Lucia had kept to herself for all these years.

“You’re almost free,” Pareia whispered to her.

“Almost,” Lucia agreed, and she slid her hands into her underwear and pushed downwards. She needed only a small lift in her seat as she pushed her last item of clothing down her thighs and then let it drop down her legs and onto the floor.

She wriggled contentedly in her seat: who would have thought that the night would end with her sitting naked in the bar? She was glad she had ordered that extra drink now and she emptied her glass.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 22nd July 2020


I couldn’t avoid lunch with Ha any longer and she asked why I’d not been to see them for ages. So to cover up my worries about Tim I told her about my night with Elise, and then she asked me all the questions I don’t have an answer to: do I fancy her? (Well, I do know that, but I can’t admit it.) Is it serious? What about Mark and Ana?

It was good to get some of it out anyway and Pilates made me feel better too.