Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 26th July 2020


It definitely was not a normal dinner.

Linda was naked when she opened the door, which didn’t surprise me, and Tim was inside looking slightly sheepish because he knew I was doing this reluctantly. As I walked in Linda said “Mel texted just now and said hi”, and I’m sure that was to remind me that I was under instruction. Then she told me I could go and get undressed in Tim’s room and he’d show me the way.

I followed him to his room and he opened the door and then left me to it. I think I took an age and never before have I been so reluctant to get undressed.

I found my way to the kitchen and that was when I met Gary. He was a big guy with muscles and tattoos and the look he gave me when I walked in naked told me all I needed to know about his relationship with Linda.

She was wearing an apron and cooking, so I was the only one entirely naked for a while, and said that Gary was helping but Tim and I should go into the other room and they’d be through soon.

Tim found me some wine and we sat across the room from each other, me on the sofa and Tim in an armchair, and somehow he struggled through some small talk.

Dinner was actually okay and I relaxed a bit. Gary was a fitness instructor at a gym, which I guess goes with the look, and that was where he met Linda when she started to come for sessions. He said it all happened really suddenly when she suddenly stripped out of her kit mid-session, climbed on top of him and they had sex on a bench press. I imagined that at that time Tim still thought they were in a relationship.

Then Gary said he found it strange at first that he’d come around here and Linda would be naked, even though Tim was “just her flatmate”, but that he’d gotten used to it over time. He said he didn’t know how Tim could resist a beautiful woman walking around nude all the time, which I knew was a dig at Tim’s masculinity. I felt sorry for him, because Gary was just so much of a bloke, but also so not interesting, despite his physique.

Things got weird after dinner when we went to the front room and Linda insisted on Gary giving her a foot massage with Tim and I watching. Because, of course, it wasn’t just a regular foot massage, not when hands sometimes drift a lot higher up the legs than the ankles, or even the knees, and not when there’s the occasional kiss on the leg to go with it, and not when the foot that isn’t being massaged is planted right in Gary’s groin and is massaging right back.

Then Linda offered Gary’s services to me, which I declined, and she smirked and said I needn’t worry because he was fully trained and he did sports massages all the time. Gary said he could see that I needed one, and not just my feet, which I took to mean he thought I needed more than just a massage.

I got the feeling the whole time that there was a lot more on offer than a foot massage, and it wasn’t until nearly eleven that Tim managed to successfully suggest that he walked me home and I went and got dressed at last.

We chatted on the way back and he said sorry, but he hoped it wasn’t too bad, and it was just Gary that was annoying. I couldn’t disagree with that but I did wonder how he puts up with Linda being like that around him all the time. Naked is one thing but it’s like she’s on the verge of having sex with Gary at any moment and who cares who’s watching.

Well, that’s over with now at least.

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