Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 28th June 2020


I had an impromptu message from Mel this morning: “Cabaret night at Elise’s pub this evening. Let’s go.” I couldn’t tell if I was allowed to say “no”, but I haven’t had a good night out in a while, so I agreed. Then Mel said that I should wear my cabaret gear from the last performance again! I messaged back to say I wasn’t ready for another performance, but she said I wasn’t on the bill tonight but she wasn’t sure if I had anything else that would make as much of an impression. Then another message came to say I should wear that anyway but she’d come around beforehand and see what else I had.

I got dressed up in my stockings, suspenders, elbow gloves, and even the nipple pasties and c-string, because Mel’s instructions were pretty strict on that, and then Mel knocked on the door just after five, looked me up and down, shook her head and said that on reflection everyone had already seen that. I realised Mel had never been to my place before and she had a good peer around as I led her to the bedroom and opened my wardrobe doors. She make me take the dress off, and then the suspender belt and corset, so I sat on the edge of the bed in stockings, nipple pasties, c-string and elbow gloves wondering what she’d find for me.

She kept pulling things out, holding them in front of herself, shaking her head and putting them back. She asked me if I had anything at all sexy, which was very rude, and I said I had thigh boots, and stockings, but I guess I rely on my dresses being short rather than anything really overt. Mel herself was wearing a black catsuit and boots and looked every inch the object of unattainable sex appeal. I wish I could pull that look off.

Then Mel said that since I had nothing even barely see-through then nothing was what I’d have to wear! I said I can’t go to the pub like this, so she pulled out a suit jacket and tossed it over to me. I guess at least it covered my torso, but it barely reached over my backside. But Mel said people were used to seeing legs, and I had stockings on, and they’d already seen more than that last time I was there. Which was true.

And then for one last thing she took out the silver collar that she’s been putting me in at her place and put that around my neck before I put the jacket on. It was like it was a symbol of her control over me, and it was both sexy and a bit unnerving.

I definitely attracted some stares on the short walk to the pub, because you really don’t see the tops of stockings that much, not on a Sunday night, but I felt more at home in the pub because there were more people dressed up for the night. (If not quite as undressed as I felt.)

And there was Elise too, who came out from behind the bar to see us and gave Mel a kiss on the cheek, and then I got a big hug. She was in a long black gown with a deep v-neck and long sleeves and a really over the top collar and also somehow didn’t look at all out of place.

Then she stood back and looked me up and down and said she had to know what I had on underneath, and didn’t even ask before she started unbuttoning my jacket. Mel just smiled, and I remembered what she’d said about Elise and buttons. So Elise just held my jacket open and grinned at my all-but-bare body and said I was such fun to have around. Then I felt Mel’s hand on my shoulders as she took my jacket away and, boy, did some heads turn, and a few lips were licked, because there were certainly some guys who weren’t expecting a near naked woman to be standing there, and somehow the stockings and gloves made me feel even more naked. I couldn’t have felt more exposed without the c-string and nipple covers.

Elise took my coat and hung it up behind the bar, and then Mel took the metal leash that I’d seen before out of her back, clipped it to the collar around my neck and led me over to an empty table. There wasn’t a single pair of eyes that weren’t watching us. Watching me. I could feel them burning holes with their gaze.

Elise brought us drinks and then sat down and beside Mel and I at the table. There were both clad from head to toe to wrist in black and I was wearing little more than stockings and long gloves… it was dizzyingly delightful, if I’m honest.

The show was okay this time, but I think I’ve seen enough of them by now. It was a guy in drag compering and all a bit camp and funny and just a bit sexy but not all that much. We ate snacks and Elise had one of her girls make sure we were brought drinks, which was good because Mel held the other end of the chain hooked onto the collar around my neck so I wasn’t going anywhere that I wasn’t allowed.

I thought it wasn’t too embarrassing an evening for a while, and then I heard someone stand by the table and looked up to see Tim. He was with Linda again, who was herself in a long strapless dress with bare shoulders and a long split up the side. It was weird that she had almost as much bare skin as I did, but just mine was entirely my torso and hers was just her arms, legs and shoulders. Between us we made up a naked woman and a fully clothed one.

Tim said hello, and he’d seen me earlier but didn’t want to intrude, and Linda said it was good to see me again and how much she loved how brave I was. I nodded as if it was my idea. Then she asked if Mel and I were together, going by the chain that Mel was holding, and Mel smiled and said no, it’s not like that, and that her boyfriend was away at the moment. So Mel asked Linda if she was with Tim and Linda laughed and said, similarly, that her boyfriend was away, that she and Tim used to be together but they’ve stayed friends. I’m still not sure what Tim thinks of that.

I wasn’t quite so happy when Mel invited them to join us and then there were the four of us at the table, but there seemed to be only one topic of conversation: me.

Mel said it must be funny to bump into a work colleague, especially one that was pretty much his boss, in a place like this, and dressed like this, and Tim said it wasn’t such a surprise really and he was happier that it was out in the open. Then Linda told Mel about the naked bike ride day, and how we ended up back at their place, but she was the one who sat around in the nude, because she’s fine with that, and Tim’s fine with it too, and her boyfriend is fine with it and sometimes she’s nude at home when he’s there and Tim’s at home. I was trying not to watch Tim all that time but I still don’t think he’s over Linda, but it’s none of my business. Mel’s eyebrows raised when she heard about Tim seeing me completely nude, but also Ha too.

Well, then Mel said if it wasn’t to protect Elise’s pub license then I’d be nude here too! I noticed I wasn’t going to get any say in that, and Linda said it was a bit of a shame, because even though she didn’t think she could sit around in pub like this she thought it was great that I felt I was able to, especially to be with a work colleague. And then she said she really wanted me to come around to hers again, maybe for dinner with her boyfriend and Tim too, and just for fun we could both be nude. And of course Mel said that would be a great idea and she would make sure I did. This is really not how I want my working relationship with Tim to go, but I don’t know what I can do to stop it.

Luckily Linda and Tim went off a while later, because it was getting late and we all have work tomorrow, and Elise came and saw us and we chatted again, because the pub was getting quieter already. Elise said I had to promise to come and see her again, and Mel said I would.

It seems like my social diary is filling up…

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