Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 27th June 2020


Today was a lot of fun and very silly.

I made the park run and felt nice and fresh after my early night, and even did a good time! It was a couple of minutes behind Mel but I’m getting there. She asked me if I had any plans for the weekend and I said afternoon tea with some friends. She said Elise had asked after me, and then I felt bad for not messaging her. But she’s working tonight so I’ll need to plan ahead, maybe for next week.

Then Ellie came around at about eleven thirty with a load of ingredients and a recipe for a Victoria sponge (which I can kind of make) and scones (which I really can’t). She was talking really fast and was really nervous about how Stephen would find it and I said don’t worry because if he’s not into being served tea by a naked woman then there was no hope for the two of them. She said she was still nervous and I said she had plenty of time to get used to the idea and, of course, that she should really start now because if was also going to be served tea by a naked woman then I wanted it to be right from the start of the process.

She didn’t need much encouragement, except she did have an apron with her, which made it even more sexy because it covered so little but she was so obviously nude underneath it.

Somehow we struggled through the recipes, with a lot of giggling, and even had some lunch together, and then I told her she’d have to clean up a bit because we both had a lot of flour on us but only one of us could fix that by changing clothes.

So she went and had a shower and then I had a naked woman towelling off her hair in my front room. Hers is longer than mine and in much better condition, and she’s just all over one sexy little minx, I have to say, especially when she’s so casual about being nude. It’s like having a model waiting for a photoshoot.

Then at three o’clock there was a knock on the door, which had to be Stephen. I told Ellie that she had to answer it, and I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t just some random stranger instead.

Stephen was flustered, though, and didn’t really know where to look or how to act. He must be familiar with Ellie’s body but he seemed scared to even look at her! Which I most definitely am not. But I could tell from the way he walked in and sat down that he was already getting hard, so at least one part of this plan was working.

Unlike when Russ served us Ellie joined in with the tea as well, and that made it even more fun, because Stephen still didn’t know where to look. If he didn’t concentrate he’d end up staring at Ellie’s nipples, which I think was fine by Ellie because her whole problem seemed to be a lack of sexual appetite in their relationship, but Stephen was obviously embarrassed if we knew he was doing it.

The cake and scones were nice too, and it occurred to me that indulgent afternoon teas and nudity really don’t go together if one wants to keep ones figure. But I guess every now and then is okay…

But that brings me to the next twist: we’d finished up, and she cleared away, and then she’d obviously been plotting to say this for a while: “Right, you two, which one of you is next?”

Stephen tried to play dumb but he knew exactly what she meant: who is serving tea in the nude next?

I said we’d have to do spin the bottle again and Ellie said sure, but she wasn’t going to be in it because it was our turn. Stephen said he wasn’t sure it was a good idea and nobody would want to see him in the nude, and we both disagreed and he blushed all kinds of red.

I agreed with Ellie, and I said Stephen had said he would if Ellie did it first, and she’d fulfilled her part of the bargain. I really didn’t care if it picked me, and then Ellie pointed out that a coin toss would do if it was just between the two of us.

Well, lucky me, it’s Stephen’s turn next, and we’ve given him two weeks to think about it!

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