Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 9th June 2020


I’m so desperate for sex right now I’ve message Mark and Ana. It feels like it’s been ages. No reply yet.

But I did have a message from Ellie saying how much fun Sunday was and whether I’d spoken to Alison yet, which I haven’t. I wonder if she’ll suggest a repeat? I know from experience that now Russ has experienced the buzz of being naked in front of a group of the opposite sex that he’ll want to do it again.

Then I had another message from ENFBoyfriend. I was dreading that he’d tell me there were more photos but it was actually just a message to ask if I was okay with everything! Which seems kind of nice, but I really don’t want to get into too personal a chat with a random dude on the Internet. But then again I haven’t replied to his last message yet so maybe I look a little rude.

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