Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 8th June 2020


Getting to Mel’s this evening was not pleasant, because it was slightly too warm for a coat. So I had to ask her if we could change the rules, because I didn’t want to turn up too hot. Mel said I could just not wear anything at all, which was not a way I was ever planning to leave the office! But then she said I could instead wear one item of my choice, which might be a dress, but she would prefer if it was just a hat. So that was a relief. But the extra condition was that she gave me a key to keep which was for her mailbox in the hallway downstairs, which was big enough for parcels, and she said whenever I came here I had to leave everything except my shoes inside, and I could collect them on the way out! So it looks my days of getting undressed at the last minute in the hallway are over.

After that we had quite a productive session talking about work, which of course all happened while I was naked with my hands in a yoke and my ankles chained together, but at least the chain was long enough that I could move around. We talked about Tim too, and that I thought it was okay that he knew about my secret life, or at least if not okay then he wouldn’t tell anyone. Mel said I would have to accept that more people would find out and that they would be okay with it too. I’m not sure I believe that.

There was no sushi this week so I left in my slightly warm coat and with a small mailbox key for next week.

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