Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 1st June


I had to have a meeting with Rachel and Tim today, and still couldn’t really look Tim in the eye and, I have to confess, I was a bit short with him. I think I’m trying not to let him know he’s got me at a disadvantage. I realise that since I’m supposed to be the boss I should sort this out rather than just let it hang in the air.

Then this evening I had to head to Mel’s. There was no encounter with the neighbour this time and I was barely out of my shoes before Mel told me to sit on the floor and tied my forearms to my calves, making it impossible to close my legs as she sat on the chair in front of me. It’s the most absolute exposure possible because of the helplessness, and it also turns me on so much.

What to do about Tim was one of the topics of conversation, and Mel said I had to deal with it, outside of the office because this was a situation that wasn’t about work, but that I shouldn’t worry about it because it was obvious to her that he wouldn’t say anything. In fact, she said, there was no reason to even hide my true self in front of him any more, and I said if that meant being naked in front of a work colleague then no way. She said I was naked with Ha all the time, and I said that was different, and she asked how so, since it looked like Ha wanted me more than Tim did. I didn’t have an answer to that.

We talked about work projects too, and the Belarusian company, and Mel said I needed to make a weekly task list since I was new to this level of responsibility and it was important I didn’t miss anything.

After an hour she said that time was up for our session, but would I like to stay for something to eat, because she could order. I nodded and she said “since we both like sushi” and pulled out her phone and tapped away.

The thing was, I was still tied up on the floor when the buzzer went and a delivery man came up. I knew he could see my back from the door, but I’m glad I couldn’t see him, because it must have looked really odd to see a naked and bound woman sitting in the middle of the room.

I was waiting for Mel to untie me but she took everything to the kitchen and unpacked it and returned with it all on a plate, and then came back with two glasses of wine. She held the glass up to my mouth and I sipped, and it was such a turn-on to be so helpless that I couldn’t even take a drink of my own accord.

She sat in front of me and we talked as she both ate sushi and fed me pieces, and honestly I almost had some kind of orgasm to be fed that way. She said that Elise seemed to really like me and that I should be nice to her because she’d been through a lot, which I sort of knew about, and I said I would be because I liked Elise. Then Mel asked if I’d slept with Elise, which I hadn’t, and if I regretted not doing it, which I didn’t know, and if Mark and Ana would mind, which they wouldn’t.

We talked for a while more before I was untied, and the marks on my wrists (and my legs) were much more noticeable than usual because I’m not usually tied up for so long. But I put my coat on and came home with a lot on my mind.

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