Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 15th May 2020


I had a bit of a moment today by forgetting just how see-through one of my tops was that I put on for work, because, of course, I had nothing on underneath. It wasn’t too bad indoors but in bright sunshine you could easily point to my nipples. I noticed both Tim and Matthew trying really hard not to stare, which was funny!

It’s been such a week that as soon as I got home I stripped off and opened a bottle of white wine. Then I was feeling flirty again so I ended up taking a selfie of myself, full height, standing naked in my kitchen and sent it to Ana with a message “Thinking of you both.” I didn’t get anything back for fifteen minutes but the reply said: “You’ll have to warn me next time! I’m at an embassy event and opened your message and at least three diplomats were looking at my shoulder at the time.” Ooops!

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