Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 9th May 2020


I also saw Mel at the park run this morning, and she seemed okay. It’s hard to tell with Mel because she seems kind of stand-offish a lot of the time. She said I should come over on Monday anyway, and then after the run she actually hung around for a few minutes and asked me how things were generally, and whether I’d seen Mark or Ana, which I haven’t.

And I’m finally on top of the house cleaning! That’s the good news. The bad news is the bill for the work, which is putting a bit dent in my savings. I wonder if work will give me a bonus or something for the new client.

I took the rubbish out earlier and Alison saw me out of the window and waved, and a minute later she knocked on the door. She said it had been a while and it would be nice to have me after for an afternoon tea again, and also that if I had any other “open minded” female friends who would like to come along I should let her know, because it would be nice to have more women there, but she didn’t think her own friends would appreciate it! I don’t know why she thinks my friends would but I said I’d have a think.

It was nice to have a quiet evening home by myself.

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