Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 1st February 2020


I dutifully did the park run this morning, and Mel asked me how the preparation was going. I didn’t have to ask what she meant, but I said I’d just been watching the video (which I had) and was making a list of things I needed. She said I shouldn’t leave it too late, which is true, but the thing is: as soon as I start buying all those things it’s going to seem very real, and at the moment it’s far enough away that I don’t really have to believe it’s going to happen.

Anyway, I spent the afternoon looking at strapless corsets (that unfasten easily at the back, which has not been easy, and it turns out that what I actually need is called a bustier), short dresses (that unfasten easily at the side), garters (that just unfasten easily), suspenders (that come off easily)… you get the picture. All I actually have is knickers, stockings and shoes. I even need to buy a strapless bra for under the corset. Thankfully a lot of that kind of stuff is cheaper than you’d think, if you’re not too worried about quality material. I’ll probably be okay as long as I don’t stand too close to a naked flame.

I’ve place the order, though, and it should arrive next week.

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