Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 18th January 2020


The release of sexual tension did nothing whatsoever for my running this morning: I was neither much slower (although a bit slower) and certainly no faster than usual. Mel was there and she said I looked well, and wasn’t it a weight off my mind that I’d finally taken a step forward? I said the weight off my mind was something else, but I suppose uploading my photos wasn’t actually that big of a deal, now that I’ve done it.

And then she said “they seem popular too” and I hadn’t thought to check back, so I did as soon as I got home… They had a lot of views, and a few comments (which were all rather complimentary!) and somebody even asked who the “model” was (lol!). The slightly tricky thing is that they’ve linked up the pictures of me there with the ones from the holiday, and the naked bike ride. And someone has even said Ha looks extremely hot (which she does) and asked if there are any more photos of her. I very much doubt I could get her to upload any more, and now I’m wondering if I’m mad if I have.

I popped out to the shops this afternoon and on the way back bumped into Alison from across the road. She said if I wasn’t doing anything tomorrow morning I should come over for a morning coffee and cake and a chat. Which I guess means more of making her husband wait on us, which I don’t really object to!

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