Driving Solo


So, yesterday morning, I decided to go for a drive, just as I had done on many other days. I threw my clothes onto the bed, slipped into my luscious black stilettos, put on my sunglasses and walked out to the car. I had plenty of gas to get me out and back, and as the sun was dipping the air was cooling to a perfect temperature.

I was used to cruising naked through the neighbourhood by now; it had become much less of a thrill. Yet, as it had a few times before, as the last set of lights turned to red and I was forced to slow and stop I felt the butterflies rise in my stomach at the idea that maybe someone would walk past and happen to glance into the car. No-one ever did as there was nowhere worth walking to, but the thought was excitement enough.

This time, though, there was something that hadn’t happened before and I heard and felt a large SUV pull up in the lane alongside me. At least I was on the inside and hidden behind the door, but I felt myself sink low in my seat, hoping that the driver’s high position wouldn’t let them see down into the car. I kept my left arm straight on the steering wheel, doing everything I could to block any possible line of sight to my bare breasts.

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