Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 9th January 2020


I had lunch with Ha today and was so desperate to tell her about Mel, and our arrangement, but I just can’t help but feel it’s too late. Plus it’s kind of embarrassing that I’m taking orders, and not even getting anything in return. But I feel like Mel has a plan and if I don’t follow it through then I’ll ruin it.

I’ve been invited to their place after work on Friday, though, just to hang out with her and Lily and get a takeaway and gossip. It has been a while since we all hung out together, and who knows: maybe I’ll do or say anything to try and seduce them by then?

I was so frustrated last night that when I got in I actually went to the website that Mel wanted me to post the photos on. The only good part was that to see images you had to create an account and log in (which I did), and it was quite a community when I got there. Not like I expected at all, actually, but a few like-minded women and, obviously, lots of men commenting on any pictures. Some people did seem to post photos of themselves either naked or near naked and seemed quite shy about it, but they always got nice responses. Mostly they weren’t even hiding their faces either.

It would be a big step, though, because if I was recognised (and I could be easily recognised from Mel’s photos) it could be a black mark against my career. I’m less worried about any future boyfriend seeing me, because I’d guess that anyone who was looking for those photos was already into that kind of thing, so it’s almost like a pre-screening!

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