Bearing It All


Sarah took a deep breath. “Let’s get this over with,” she said, “The earlier we go, the fewer people will be around town.”

In a near trance, she followed Jessica to the main gate. Her heart skipped a beat as the latch was lifted and the wooden door opened to reveal the street outside. Jessica stepped through and looked around: the coast was clear, for now. She nodded for Sarah to follow her.

Sarah followed as closely as if she was Jessica’s shadow but, inevitably, they started to see other people out on the street. They were headed towards the centre of town and, although it was early, life here started early for everyone, before the heat of the day set in.

The locals stared from a distance, and Sarah was conscious not only of her own embarrassment but also how embarrassed Jessica was to be accompanied by a naked woman. A nun in full dress accompanied by a woman in nothing but stockings and small, black shoes was not a sight anyone could ignore.

Read the rest of the story in The Rules of the Convent

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