Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 22nd December 2019


I had a nice surprise today with brunch with Ellie. She messaged me early in the morning, and I was just getting in the mood for doing something. It was funny, because we didn’t really talk about anything in particular, except I got very nosey about her dating. She’s been seeing the guy for over a month now, and I hadn’t even asked his name before because I didn’t want to know. Anyway, it’s Stephen, if you care, and she’s still seeing him, and things haven’t gotten very far. I was feeling bold so I asked her if she felt like getting naked for him. She said yeah, she did, which was a good sign, but she thought it probably wasn’t a good idea just to come out and do it like that in case he got the wrong idea. I joked that he might get the right idea.

It was a nice chat anyway, but I felt really lonely after I got home.

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