Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 30th November 2019


I did something I haven’t done for ages today and went clothes shopping. It’s definitely winter, and that means more sweaters. I found a jumper dress that I really liked and then realised I have one from last year that I haven’t worn anywhere near enough.

But since I seem to be having a bit of a coat-and-nothing-else phase, I did find a new one: beige, but closes right up to the neck. It buttons down to below the waist and only ends around the knee, so with that and a pair of stockings I can look completely dressed and no-one will ever guess there’s nothing underneath. I know that’s not exactly exhibitionist, but I’m already looking forward to it.

I saw Mel at the run today and she reminded me about Monday, and also reminded me about the house rules (ala “no clothes in the apartment). I don’t know why but just giving in to them is a bit of a thrill.

Then when I got back home I had a note from the Alison in the flat opposite asking if I wanted to come over for tea and cake tomorrow morning. She left her number on it so I texted a reply to say that would be nice, mainly because I’m curious.

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