Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 31st October 2019


I tell you what, nothing makes me masturbate more than trying not to! It’s only been less than a week and now I’m feeling like I want to rub myself up against the nearest tree, lamppost or even vaguely attractive commuter on my way into or home from work.

Also, a new guy joined at work who looks quite nice. He’s called Tim and I think he’s a little younger than me, but not much. I was only briefly introduced to him and I saw him glance at my blouse (which, of course, was slightly unbuttoned) so hopefully he’s single. Or maybe I can just have a good flirt with him. To be honest, anything goes at the moment. The strange thing was he asked me if we’d met before because I looked familiar and I’m as sure as can be that we haven’t, but he seemed really convinced that we had. Maybe my memory’s going in my old age.

Ha has also decided on a costume for me tomorrow night. Apparently I’m to be a zombie, so all I need to bring to work is an old night-dress, and she says the older the better because they’ll be ruining it in the name of authenticity before we go around to her friends place for eight o’clock.

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