Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 28th October 2019


Mondays came around really fast! It only seems like yesterday I was heading to Mel’s, and yet again I was all ready and excited to head over and see what it was that I had to work on, but for the second time Mel send me a message saying she was meeting a client and had to cancel tonight. I texted back asking if I had to become a client to make sure I had her attention (not that I can afford a life coach) and she replied saying I had her attention, and that I was to go home and do a workout on my own and she’d know if I didn’t.

Like a good girl, I did as I was told, and at about seven o’clock I was stripped and getting into my warm-up, although with the curtains closed because I don’t know what’s happening with the couple opposite, when the phone rang. It was Mel, saying she was just on her way to the client but checking I was following instructions. Then she told me to turn on video and I had my second naked call of the month where I had to prove that I was ready with my mat rolled out on the floor and just about to start. Then as I held the phone up to show her, and quite obviously showing how naked I was, I realised that she was on the bus and I had no idea who might be able to see her screen. I guess if I don’t know them then there’s no harm done.

We hung up and I carried on with some planking, and then the phone buzzed again, but this time it was just a message from Mel: “Do the workout from last week, but no masturbating tonight. In fact, no masturbation until next week.”

It made my body tingle and I hadn’t really thought about it, but now I was told not to I wanted to masturbate even more. I couldn’t work out why she wanted me not to, or if she’d know if I didn’t, but somehow I suspected she’d be able to tell. Maybe I’d follow her instruction or maybe I wouldn’t.

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