Exhibitionist Diary –


Oh my oh my. So much to tell.

Today was set to be my second session doing Pilates under Mel’s tuition, and given what happened last week I was so looking forward to it that I found it hard to concentrate at work during the day.

I arrived at her place soon after six o’clock and I was almost shaking as she let me in, already dressed in leggings and a tight top, and I followed her up the stairs. She said “we might as well start right away”, so I started to undress. It didn’t take long as all I had on was socks, shoes, a skirt and a blouse, and if Mel was surprised that I hadn’t brought any exercise kit to wear (again) then she didn’t say anything.

We went through the warm-up, me standing naked on a yoga mat and Mel opposite me showing me what to do, and then into some planks, and Mel was already correctly my position with her hands on my hips here, a touch of the shoulder there, a press into my stomach here, and it not only made me put extra effort into the positions but it made the time fly.

While she had me doing some abs work (roll-ups and roll-downs on my back, and then scissors with my legs) she sat crossed-legged beside me. Sometimes she put her fingers onto my stomach to check the right muscles were working, and just feeling her touch me made them work even harder.

Afterwards I was lying on my back with my legs stretched full out and my arms above my head and fingers reaching the other way, and Mel started to talk about how important my abdominal muscles were for running, and general stability, and to demonstrate she had her fingers on my stomach and was stroking circles around the muscles.

Then she said I was using my hip flexors too much, and both her hands touched my stomach and then stroked across my pelvis and along the top of my thighs and it sent electricity through my body. She kept talking, sometimes stroking my stomach and then moving back to my thigh, and all I could think about was how horny it was making me. I had my eyes closed and I wondered what my expression looked like.

I was brought around when she said “what do you think?” I opened my eyes and looked up at her and had to admit that I hadn’t been paying attention. I admitted I was too distracted by her hands on my skin. She smiled and said, “Oh, you mean when I do this,” and her hand circled my stomach and the edge of my pelvis. My eyes closed again and I nodded, and I heard her say, “And this?”, and one finger ran up and down my thigh and I took a deep breath because it felt so good, and I nodded my head again.

Then she said, “What about this?”, and suddenly her hand slipped between my thighs and she stroked right across my labia and up to my stomach. I think I gasped and I might have nodded.

“There’s a lot of tension in this body of yours,” Mel said, and her hand ran back down between my legs again.

The other hand was on my stomach as she continued to stroke, and then it began to wander upwards, slowly, and I was arching my back (verboten in Pilates!) as she reached the edge of my breast, and then the tip of her finger crossed my nipple and I realised I had my legs slightly bent and Mel’s hand was now firmly stroking between my thighs.

The sensation was intense as she massaged my breast, but then it reached another level as I felt her lips close around the nipple nearest to her. I heard a moan which must have been from my mouth, and from then on I was helpless as she stroked, kissed and caressed my body, bringing me to the most amazing orgasm within not much more than a minute. Honestly, a man might have the right equipment, but a woman really knows where the buttons are on another woman’s body.

I let out a long breath and she took her hands and her mouth away, and then place one last kiss on my stomach that made me jump. I knew she was still sitting there cross-legged but I was too embarrassed to open my eyes and see her looking down at me.

A minute or two passed before Mel said “I guess we’ll finish up there,” and I heard her stand up. I opened my eyes and put my clothes on, thanked her and came home. And now I don’t know what to think about any of it.

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