Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 16th September 2019


It’s a one year anniversary of this diary!

I’ve just read the first post again: “…(hopefully) I can look back on this day and wonder what it is I was worrying about.”

I think I’ve come a long way in a year:

  • I’ve walked the streets in nothing but a coat and heels
  • Been on a nude bike ride
  • Had a boyfriend; been stripped by the boyfriend; dumped the boyfriend
  • Gone for a walk along the canal in the nude
  • Had a naked car ride
  • Spent lots of evenings naked with friends
  • And spent a few evenings naked with strangers

So I’m actually feeling pretty damn good about things! Now I wonder what else there is to do? I guess I haven’t been nude in big public places, but I can’t imagine I ever will (without being arrested). Although maybe the bike ride counts, because I was nude all the way home after that and nobody else was.

I guess I also haven’t been in many situations where I was helpless to cover myself, although on holiday when we went out to the canal I didn’t have any kind of back-up plan and nobody had any clothes for me. That was a lot of fun.

Also I never got to use the bondage tape, because it never seemed the right time with Kieran, and I wasn’t exactly going to tie myself up at home. So that was an experiment that went nowhere. Maybe it wasn’t for me; perhaps I’ll never know.

I’ve never been naked in the office either, but that’s another thing I can’t imagine being able to do, not unless I want to get fired.

The dream would be just to be able to walk into anywhere I liked naked and not have to worry about repercussions. When you think about it, it seems pretty odd that I can’t, because it’s not like we don’t all have bodies, so why do we have to cover them up? Surely it should be a choice that nobody judges you on, the same as nobody judges on whether you have a blouse or a top on.

I guess I’ll just have to keep pushing myself, but all the same: happy birthday nudist me!

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