Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 15th September 2019


Last night was so much fun. Ellie turned up soon after three, and I could tell she was a little surprised when I opened the door already naked from head to toe. I pretended as if it was completely normal (I mean, maybe it is now?), and let her in. We gossiped for a bit and I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I know she kept stealing the odd glance at my body. It made me feel rather nice indeed.

Then we started cooking. Or rather, I got told to chop things up and Ellie did the actual cooking. It was all very domestic, like we were a married couple or something. And Ellie was not only a good cook but a good laugh too.

We opened some wine a little early, and Mel was the first of the others to arrive. She was wearing a long, slinky black dress and again it made me feel almost impossibly fat beside her. She looked amazing, and she was actually kind of surprised that I wasn’t wearing anything. I guess I hadn’t actually prepared her for it this time; I’d just thought she’d expect it by now. But she said something about “oh, it’s one of those nights is it,” with a mischievous look in her eyes and we exchanged a little kiss on the cheek. I introduced her to Ellie and explained about the PR company and the bike ride, but stopped short of saying I was trying to persuade her out of her clothes as well.

We were already having a good time when Ha and Lily turned up, and they looked stunning and petite as ever and I’m beginning to think that maybe I have too many thin friends for my own good. They were both wearing short cocktail dresses and just looked so pretty together. I think even Ellie felt a little put out by the three arrivals, although she looked quite pretty enough in a flowing maxi dress.

I had to admit to everyone that Ellie was the genius behind the meal, and in a slightly inebriated state let slip that she had agreed to help as long as I was the one that got naked again. Ha gave her an intense look and asked why she was so keen on seeing me naked, and then laughed and said not that she minded one bit, but seeing a different body for a change would be nice too, and both Ellie and I blushed.

We had a lot of laughs that evening, and it was a shame when everyone said they had to go. They all left at the same time and I felt a bit sad that even though Ellie had spent the afternoon with me while I was naked she seemed a little uncomfortable at the idea of being the last one left with me when the others said they’d have to go home. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to suddenly jump on her and start ripping her clothes off or anything.

I did get some nice hugs as they all left, though, and I can still remember how different the fabric of each of their dresses felt. Ha’s and Lilys were very sheer and smooth; Mel’s was quite rough and made my nipples stand on end; and Ellie’s was just soft.

I went to bed horny, of course, and somehow seeing to myself just isn’t quite satisfying me at the moment. Maybe I’ll have to get onto some of those dating sites because having someone else touch my skin for even a few seconds today was just too good.

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