Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 13th September 2019


I had lunch with Jo again, not that it was planned this time but we just happened to be going out at the same time. It was nice and we ended up talking more about dating. We both moaned about men, and she said maybe those lesbian dating sites I sent her ages ago where a better place to look. I said I was tempted myself now, because I love spending time with other women so much, and our bodies are so much nicer to look at, so maybe there were already the perfect matches somewhere in my life I just hadn’t worked it out yet.

Then it went all kind of awkwardly silent, but I can’t tell if Jo’s awkward silence was for the same reason as my awkward silence, because I suddenly realised that my boss would indeed be about the perfect match. Maybe the age difference is a barrier, but maybe not. I mean, fifteen years is doable, isn’t it?

Anyway, after that we managed to talk about some work things for a while, but I think I made it a bit uncomfortable for both of us. But now I can’t stop thinking about whether maybe Jo thinks the same thing as I do (and maybe about me too?).

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