Joining The Topless Team


Cassandra finished serving a customer and then gestured for me to come behind the counter.

“Tricia,” she said, “This is Sue.”

I turned towards Cassandra’s business partner. Like Cassandra, she must be only nineteen or twenty years old and I think her parents may have been Vietnamese. Also like Cassandra, she was as thin as a rake, and dressed only in torn denim shorts and heeled sandals. She, too, had small and absolutely perfectly pert, small breasts. She held out a delicate hand for me to shake.

“Pleased to meet you, Tricia,” she said confidently. I presume you get used to working topless after a while.

“Sue, can you cover the till while I show Tricia how things work?” Cassandra said. Sue nodded and smiled a welcomingly at me.

“It’s a shame about the bikini top,” Cassandra continued, glancing at my chest. “Are you sure we can’t tempt you? It’s very liberating.”

I shook my head: there was no way that was going to happen. The post-production crew were going to have their work cut out censoring all the nipples on show, and I didn’t want them seeing my breasts, let alone everyone in the café. I also had a feeling that the raw footage might find its way out of the editing room somehow, especially if I was baring all as well.

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