Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 2nd June 2019


We had a nice night out on Friday. It was a bit like a first date, and back at Kieran’s we made love and it was nice and gentle and just what I needed.

Anyway, I was feeling sexy again by Saturday morning, and I could tell someone else was in the flat but I told Kieran I didn’t care because Ben had already seen me naked anyway. So I got out of bed and went to the kitchen without putting anything on. I’d forgotten about Ben’s girlfriend, though, and both of them were having breakfast, with Ben in a dressing gown and Helen in a nightdress. She has nice legs.

They both stared at me, which is good, and said good morning, but didn’t say anything about me being nude. I couldn’t have been happier because it was great to feel so free. I could live here all the time if it meant being naked.

So after that I didn’t get dressed when we finally did get up, and I sat and had breakfast naked with Kieran (who was dressed) whilst Ben and Helen went about their morning, and they came back fully dressed and ready to go out and we had a bit of a chat while I sat there with all three of them covered up and me nice and bare and tingly. I climbed on top of Kieran once they were gone and made sure he knew what to do, because there was no way I was leaving the house that horny.

Then in the evening we stayed in while Ben and Helen were out and cooked together, and I decided to undress for dinner and distracted Kieran no end while he was eating. We sat on the sofa watching a movie with Kieran stroking my skin as I wrapped myself around him and it was lovely.

It was a shame to come home on Sunday morning, but needs must. I’m glad we’re back to normal again at least.

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