Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 21st May 2019


London is not as warm as Paris. That may not be news to a lot of people, but I put on a short skirt, because I was feeling sexy as hell after my trip, and then had to go back indoors and put long socks on. But that wasn’t too bad as I think the startup guys actually like the socks.

I think I do my best flirting when I’m horny for Kieran anyway, and today I was very horny for Kieran. It meant I grinned and smiled at everyone, and some new marketing guy was probing about whether I was single or not. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t give him proper answers and he’s probably still wondering, but he didn’t get so far as trying to ask me out so he’ll just have to wait and find out some other time.

I wish Kieran lived at home with me now.

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