Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 20th May 2019


I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun, and I’m exhausted by the whole thing.

So Friday we got to Paris, and I was so excited, and the hotel was near the station and I was feeling so in love with Kieran (yes! possibly actually in love!) that I wanted to make it as special for him as it already was for me. So as soon as I got into the room I just dropped my clothes on the bed as if it was exactly what anyone would do as soon as they got to a hotel room, and we had a little balcony up on the fourth floor so I opened the doors and leant on the handrail looking down at the street totally nude.

Nobody looked up, of course, but I don’t know if anyone in any of the other buildings could see me. But Kieran put his arm around me and then we kissed in the window, until finally I couldn’t take it any longer and we had sex on the bed.

It was only the afternoon and Paris was so much warmer than London so I put a light dress on (and nothing else!) and heeled sandals and we went out for a walk. It was lovely, and, erm, feeling a little cool air up my dress was nice too. We went to a café and Kieran had his hand on my thigh and I kept hoping he’d move it a bit higher up my dress.

Then we had dinner, in somewhere not too fancy but still nice, although I did wish I had a jacket or something by the time we were done. So Kieran gave me his and we walked back to the hotel while I wore it over my dress. My legs were a bit chilly, but I think we both found it pretty sexy that I was wearing his oversized coat. We ended up kissing in the lift up to the room and had only just got through the door before Kieran was on top of me. There was no stopping him and it was all a bit quick, but it’s nice to feel some real passion from him.

I had a little short summer dress for Saturday, and nothing else, of course, and we just walked around Paris, and then went on a boat trip up the Seine, and Kieran kept looking at my legs. That running and Pilates has paid off at least.

Then after dinner we were in the lift and Kieran said he couldn’t wait to get me out of my dress when I got back to the room, and I said he didn’t need to wait until then, and he put his hands underneath it and lifted it over my head and we kissed while I stood there nude! There was nobody in the corridor, but when we got back to the room I pushed Kieran onto the bed because I know that if he’s on top it all happens too quickly. So I made him wait, and had an idea of trying out the bondage tape.

Kieran didn’t know what it was and he looked a bit scared, which I kind of liked, and then the whole thing turned into an anti-climax because I hadn’t realised how strong it was and we had nothing to cut it with. So we didn’t use it at all. But I found other ways of making Kieran wait.

Sunday I sent Kieran out for croissants and coffee for breakfast and when he came back I was still naked when I opened the door, and we sat and ate breakfast and I dropped crumbs onto myself  which made it a bit less sexy but still pretty fun.

It seemed a shame to go out, but we still hadn’t been up the Eiffel Tower. If there’s one thing you need to know it’s that it’s a lot windier up there, and a short dress and no underwear is much more risky than on the ground. I had to hold it down while the wind was blowing, but we had a kiss at the top and Kieran had his hands on my bum and I’m sure it was showing a bit. It was amazing.

Then we had the best dinner yet and I spent half the time teasing him that I could just walk home naked now because it was our last night in Paris so even if they deported us we’d be home tomorrow. I could tell when he stood up that it was having the right effect, but it was still a bit cool outside as we walked back.

We were down a quiet street and I asked Kieran if I could borrow his jacket, and he said I could but I’d owe him. Then I said I’d swap it for my dress, and without waiting I pulled it over my head and held it out to him, standing there in the middle of the street in nothing but my sandals! He actually licked his lips, which was funny, but then there was a noise and I got a bit scared, but he was a bit scared of what might happen if we were seen so he gave me his jacket. But it was fun to walk all the way back with nothing but that on, and I’m really not sure it was long enough. The guy on reception at the hotel gave me a good look up and down and Kieran was grinning from ear to ear.

We ended up having sex while I was still wearing it and that really turned me on, because it was like I could feel Kieran on me all the time. I’m going to have to borrow more of his clothes in future.

So that’s what happened, and it was the most amazing weekend ever, and I’m all tingly just thinking about it. I don’t know how I’m going to get any work done tomorrow.

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