Why Get Dressed?


I walked over and stretched out on the lounger and started to read. Time passed easily and it seemed a completely natural way to spend the day; me in my bathrobe, and Natasha in her tattoos, reading in silence.

At some point I paused my reading, and noticed Natasha was staring into the distance, daydreaming.

“What time do you think it is?” I asked her. She twisted around and peered back into the house where I guessed there must be a clock on the wall.

“It looks like it’s something like two o’clock,” she replied.

I looked around me at the sun-baked paving, and then down at my bathrobe. “I really should get dressed at some point.”

Natasha laughed and shrugged. “I don’t see why. I’m not planning to bother.” That brought a laugh from me. “And besides, all you’ve got is that tight dress from last night, and you really don’t want to be wearing that in this heat.” She had a point there. The thought of an underwired bra pressing into my chest and clingy fabric wrapped around my hips did not appeal one bit. I thought for a second.

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