Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 12th May 2019


These things never go as I expected, but they often go a lot better than I’d hoped!

So we turned up at Ha’s, and I had literally nothing on under my coat, and Ha and Lily (and Kieran) were staring and grinning when I took that off and stood there naked. They were both in lovely evening dresses, and they’re both pretty slim, and even Kieran had made a bit of an effort. It all made it feel even better that I was naked (except for a little pair of heels).

Then they showed me through to the sitting room, and I wanted the ground to open up as I saw a woman with long dark hair wearing a red dress standing with a wine glass in her hand and looking at a painting. Her eyes popped out of her head as she saw me, and I think I said “oh shit” and tried to cover myself. Ha burst out laughing and Lily giggled and Kieran didn’t know what to do, but then Ha just said “Kate, this is Mel,” and she put her arm on my elbow and started to steer me towards the very shocked woman.

I mumbled something about not realising there’d be anybody else here, because Ha hadn’t said anything, and Mel said she was pretty sure that she was more surprised by this than I was.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have anything to wear, except my coat, and now it had happened it was kind of too late… so of course I went with it.

Mel didn’t really hold back from quizzing me, and I said it was kind of a joke between us because of some stupid bet and this was my way of getting back at them that had kind of backfired. It wasn’t particularly true, although I really was trying to get the upper hand by turning up like this so that bit was. Mel said it was certainly one way to make an evening interesting.

And then it got more interesting because fifteen minutes later there was a knock at the door and another couple arrived. I was getting pretty giggly by then, and the guy was just staring at me as I explained the half-truth all over again. I think Kieran got a kick out of someone gawping at my body, and I know I did. They were called George and Sarah and I think it might have made their evening!

Ha and Lily had made us a really nice Vietnamese dinner, with soup and fresh spring rolls and salads and rice, and I managed to avoid getting soya sauce on my boobs this time, and afterwards we went to the sitting room and I kicked my shoes off and curled up next to Kieran on the sofa. It was so amazing to be nude with all these well-dressed people, and then they asked me all kinds of questions about it.

I think I went a bit red when I answered, but by the end I was becoming pretty confident, like I was telling them all about this amazing way of living and saying they should try it. Sarah was teasing George by saying that maybe next time they went to see his parents she’d turn up with nothing on and tell them about how amazing it was, and I think George was getting turned on by it all as when he stood up he did that kind of awkward walk I’ve seen Kieran do! But although Sarah joked about it a lot she went bright red when I suggested she could join me like this if she wanted to. It would have been fun, although I really like the attention of being the only one naked.

We were all a bit drunk by the end of the night and I gave everyone a nice naked hug as we left, and then went home with Kieran and banged his brains out in the hallway. The problem was I was ready for more by the time we actually got to bed and he fell fast asleep and I had to wait until morning.

Kieran had to go by lunchtime but I managed to hang around in the nude with him for a few more hours. I think the woman in the flat opposite saw too, but I’m starting to care a lot less about that!

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