Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 5th May 2019


Something unexpected happens whenever I stay at Kieran’s!

This time, I walked into the kitchen on Sunday morning, nude as ever, and his flatmate Ben was sitting there. I thought he was away for the whole weekend but he’d come back while we were out last night (because we got back pretty late). I love the way he looks at me, though, so I just carried on as if being nude was completely normal and ignored his attention.

I was making some tea and talking to him, and he was trying not to stare (and not really managing it), but he seemed a bit nervous. And then I worked out why because suddenly a woman walked in wearing a dressing gown. She did a double-take, and Ben introduced me really hurriedly, emphasising that I was Kieran’s girlfriend, and that this was Helen, his girlfriend. It was funny how much he emphasised Kieran, as if it was likely that he was having an affair with another girl in the kitchen while his girlfriend was around!

Helen sort of looked me up and down and smirked, and I quite liked that too. She said something about did I forget to get dressed, and I managed to sound as confident as anything when I said I didn’t usually bother. So I carried on making tea and she gave Ben a kiss, and for some reason that turned me on even more. I stood with my tea and leant up against the kitchen counter so they could see all of me at once and we chatted for a while. (She’s in marketing, if you’re interested. I tried to be.)

After a while I got too horny so went back to Kieran’s room and woke him up by climbing on top of him. He usually comes pretty quickly but I almost beat him to it. Then I told him about Ben and Helen being here, and then he said “oh yeah. Ben said he’d be back. I forgot.” I wonder if he really forgot or if he did it on purpose. But then I said I was naked when she came into the kitchen, and it was like he hadn’t even considered it and asked what she thought of it. I shrugged, and I didn’t really know, but she didn’t seem to mind. Kieran said soon there’d be nobody left that I had to get dressed for, which suits me just fine.

Anyway, I wanted a shower, so I picked up a towel and carried it to the kitchen to ask Ben and Helen if they needed the bathroom for half an hour. But really I just wanted them to be used to seeing me walking around with nothing on, because if I can get to that then this could be just perfect.

I didn’t seem them again that morning, though, so I can’t work out if maybe I freaked Helen out too much. I hung around in the nude for a bit more while Kieran got dressed and we had breakfast, but then I had to get home and do all the boring things like washing and cleaning. Although even those are a bit more fun if you’re nude at the same time… try it 🙂

It’s just a shame I was too much of a coward to introduce Kieran to the handcuffs and tape. I’ve unpacked them and will leave them on the side since he should be coming here next weekend.

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