Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 4th May 2019


I love being naked in someone else’s place. Ben (Kieran’s flatmate) is out so I’ve been lounging around with nothing on. I haven’t worn anything since I got through the door last night. I didn’t even make a big deal of it and Kieran couldn’t take his eyes off of me as I walked from the hallway to the kitchen dropping clothes behind me, so by the time I found my way to the fridge for a glass of wine I was totally naked. To be fair, I didn’t have much on to start with so it didn’t take long…

I think we’ll go out for a bit today and I’m wondering how little I can get away with wearing. It’s a really nice day so I’m thinking short skirt and blouse. I know Kieran likes me in boots or long socks but I feel like showing a lot of leg today.

I wasn’t brave enough to show him the handcuffs and tape yet.

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