Young, Naked And Ready To Party


Brandy allowed herself to be helped out of the car and stood with her arms crossed over her bare chest. More and more of the people in the line for the club were turning their head towards her and she heard wolf whistles. A light breeze blew across her body and she felt her nipples harden and press into her forearms. She was standing in the nude outside a nightclub, and this was suddenly becoming another bad idea.

She turned her head and saw Sherine standing in the same pose next to the car that had brought her here.

“C’mon,” Damian said, and then she nearly fainted as he wrapped an arm around her waist and drove her towards the main door. His hand felt so good, and so strong, on her bare skin.

The bouncers let them straight through and they walked along empty corridors that skirted the edge of the main dance room. She could hear the music reverberating through the walls.

Damian turned and smiled at Brandy and her heart melted. The smile told her that she’d be alright after all, so she continued to follow.

They arrived at a large balcony area overlooking the dancefloor. There were steps up from the main room but they were roped off. Damian led Brandy over to a sofa on one side of a table and sat her beside him. Russ did the same with Sherine, who sat opposite Brandy.

Suddenly, Brandy broke into a big grin that she directed at Sherine. Maybe now they could have some fun. Sure, they were naked in a nightclub, but what better company to be naked in!

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