Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 1st May 2019


I had a quick meeting with Brian today about workload and I said I did have quite a lot to do but was just about managing, and he told me to make use of Rachel whenever I can. I get the feeling I’m being tested to see if I can delegate at all, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll have no problem whatsoever telling anyone what to do! I can crack the whip pretty hard when I need to 😉

And talking of that, once I got home from Pilates I picked up my parcel. At least it didn’t say what was in it but I still think I blushed when I collected it from the house opposite. I opened it all up as soon as I got in and sent Kieran a photo of the handcuffs, telling him that I had big plans for Saturday night. I think we’re going to his place again, so I presume his flatmate is away for another weekend.

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