Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 27th April 2019


I’m going to a party with Kieran tonight. It’s one of his friends birthdays, and this is the first time I’m going to meet anyone in his circle (except the flatmate Ben, and Ha). Although, come to think of it, all of the friends of his I’ve met have also seen me naked already. It would be a pretty strange turn of events that led to that happening tonight, since there’s supposed to be about thirty people there.

Besides, I feel like mixing it up a little, so I’ve pulled a very strappy dress out of the wardrobe, and as it’s a bit cool I’m even going to be wearing knickers and tights. It’s got a very open back, with an awful lot of straps, so no bra at least. It’s a bit tricky to put on, to be honest! I’ll probably wear a short jacket over it anyway, and maybe take that off if I’m feeling brave about showing my back and shoulders to a bunch of strangers.

But I wonder if Kieran will even recognise me with all that on!

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