Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 26th April 2019


It was Korean Massage day, and that was an experience. At least I knew what to expect, but it seems like some of the other girls had not done their research when they agreed to it. And that includes Jo.

I knew it was going to be fun when Jo said “I haven’t worn a swimsuit for years”, and Ha had to explain to her that there would be no swimsuit wearing going on.

We’re all adults, but it’s like nobody wanted to be the first one to undress, and not that I’m one to judge but if I had to choose, in order of figure, it would be:

  • Ha
  • Jo
  • Helen (although she’s the youngest)
  • Rachel (even though she’s very pretty)
  • The also-rans

I dread to think where I would slot in there. If I’m lucky, around Rachel. (Slotting in around Rachel sounds a bit rude now I say it out loud.)

But Jo took it in her stride, and Ha, now she didn’t have to hide it from me, had eyes on stalks ogling all of the women. And I’m pleased to include myself in that, despite how often she’s already seen me naked.

I, of course, had already seen Jo naked. But it doesn’t mean I didn’t gawp, a bit. All the girls did. I think it was just the novelty of seeing the boss in the flesh. Literally.

She’s a bit thinner than any of us, except maybe Ha, but she’s Vietnamese so it doesn’t count. (Is that racist? It probably is.) I guess that’s the only way you can stay in shape when you’re in your late thirties as otherwise gravity does its work. Like Helen, who’s definitely the youngest, is much more curvy, but it’s all tight and buoyant and looks good on her. She might not look so good in fifteen years. (I’m such a bitch.)

The only embarrassing moment was in the massage place. Actually, not the only, but the first, when Jo caught me eyeing her up. I don’t know why I find her body so fascinating, but she caught me, and then I looked away embarrassed. And then I wondered what she thought of my body, and then I looked at Ha and she said something (quietly so nobody else could hear) about it not being like me to be embarrassed about being naked. I ignored her.

But afterwards Jo insisted on buying us dinner, and said something about how we’ve all seen each other naked so it’s hard to see how much closer we could get. I suggested kicking all the men out of the office and we wouldn’t ever have to wear clothes and it went quiet for a moment before Ha came to the rescue and said something about dreading the idea of all the men coming in naked. Nobody wants to see that. Unless it’s Matthew, of course. I wouldn’t mind seeing him naked.

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