Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 25th April 2019


I flashed a boob! I sort of forgot that the PR company is a bit more formal, so I wore a loose top today, and nothing underneath, and on the way back to the office at lunchtime I stopped at a café. There was a guy sitting on another table who kept looking up at me, so I managed to flick my shoulder strap off of my arm. Except I didn’t realise I’d accidentally (ahem) flicked it a bit too far and there was half a nipple poking out from my top! He was trying not to look but was a bit red, and when I noticed I covered up and tried to pretend it hadn’t happened. But I was also quite red, I think.

He left the café just afterwards and said “Have a good afternoon”, and it made me smile. I think I improved his day a little.

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