Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 19th April


My Friday updates are getting worse… I’m going straight around to Kieran’s tonight, and he’s cooking for me. I took a bit of a risk wearing the suede thigh boots into the office, with a dress over the top. Helen said I looked smoking hot, and then at some point Ha grabbed the hem of my dress, lifted it up and exposed my backside! Nobody else saw but she just said “Thought not”, presumably about my lack of underwear. I said “Do you mind” and she said “Not one bit” and went back to her desk.

I sent her a message saying I doubt Lily would approve of her lifting the dresses of other women, and Ha said her only complaint would be that she wasn’t here to see it! They’re a funny pair, and I wonder if their kinks are even weirder than mine. If they weren’t, I’m sure Ha would have told me by now. I had visions of Lily in black leather with a whip and Ha chained to a wall in their basement (do they have a basement?), which was frankly quite a turn-on. I wanted to find an image of it to send to Ha to tease her but was worried I’d set off all kinds of alarms on the company network if I started searching for that kind of thing.

Anyway, I have minimal things for my weekend with Kieran, as is my habit now. I can’t wait.

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